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Dutz & Ella are highly fashionable lines of European eyeglass frames. The lines feature both wire frames of high quality German stainless steel and plastic frames of handmade Acetate. They are produced in Netherlands and Switzerland.

Only a few locations carry the Dutz and Ella brands in the entire state. Sharon Optical is the exclusive location in Northwest Connecticut to find these unique eyeglasses. Stop in today and check out one of these stylish frames that are sure to get attention and become a conversation piece.
Anglo American
Anglo American is a true retro line of eyeglass frames. These frames are hand made in London England. The company has been in business since 1882. Their frames come in many classic shapes including the round New England look. The company specializes in many shades of tortoise shell and are available in other colors as well. If you want that retro look you have to check these out.