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Why did Sharon Optical go with Cocoons?

First, Cocoons use technology Sharon Optical was looking for.

Cocoons use “OveRx®” technology, meaning “Over Prescription.” They are designed to fit over prescription glasses. Cocoons use the prescription glasses as an “undercarriage,” a kind of foundation or protection that hold the Cocoons nicely. As Cocoons Eyewear explains, “OveRx® is a science of engineering eyewear. It delivers unparalleled protection and comfort when worn over existing prescription eyewear.” OveRx® designs are guaranteed to provide the highest level of comfort. And they are designed for daily use: two features Carl Marshall of Sharon Optical looks for in the eyewear he purchases.

Second, Cocoons are polarized to provide sun protection Sharon Optical wants for its customers.

Polarized sunglasses are important to seek out when shopping for sunglasses. This is because they cut down tremendously on the glare produced when sunlight hits a flat surface. Glare can impede your ability to view objects in the sun. For example, when you are driving, if the sun hits your car at a certain angle, you’ll experience glare. This glare may prevent you from seeing objects in the road. Carl likes the total sun protection Cocoon Eyewear offers to prevent glare.

Sharon Optical is proud to offer Cocoon Eyewear, and has many other options for sun protection, too. We have a large selection of prescription and non prescription sunglasses. Sunglass clips are also available for your prescription glasses. Come visit us today to see our full selection, or call us at 860-364-0878 for more information.